MMD Majors Fall 2020 Registration Update

This information is for Multimedia Programming and Design (MMD) majors for Fall 2020.

Registration Availability

Here are some recent registration changes as of 8/19/20:

  • Waitlist: If the class you want is full, put yourself on the waitlist. This can help because 1) you’ll get in if we raise the course cap or someone drops, 2) we know how many people can’t find a section and may open a new section.
  • MMP 100: A new section has opened: MMP 100 1400 Tuesday 2pm–5:40pm
  • MMA 100: This is filling up. Put yourself on waitlists to help us decide if and when to open new sections.
  • MMA 215 / 225 / 235: More seats should open up on 8/19. Put yourself on the waitlist for the best chance of getting the seats.
  • MMP 260: put yourself on the waitlist. We may open a new section or raise the cap. There are still two sections open:
    • MMP 260 1700 Wednesday 5:30p–9:10p
    • MMP 260 1800 Monday 6:10p–9:50p
  • Advanced Multimedia Courses: if you’re interested in these, register now to help make sure they run:
    • MMP 310 Multimedia Programming II (requires MMP 210)
    • MMP 350 Advanced Web Design (requires MMP 240)
  • MMP 460 Multimedia Project Lab. This is the capstone course. If you are in the position where this should be your last semester but you don’t have the pre-requisites to take MMP 460 contact us for help.

Online in Fall 2020

All classes taught in Fall 2020 will be taught online. For some classes special equipment will be used. In order to have the best experience possible, please stay in touch with the MEA Department and your professor about your technology needs.

Technology Needs

If you haven’t please complete our student technology needs survey. As the semester gets closer, we will also post more information on this site regarding the availability of equipment.

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