Behind the Scenes with Computer Artists in TV & Film

Come meet computer artists in the TV/film industry!

Wednesday, December 2nd at 2PM

An important role in every production, computer artists are responsible for the creation of the various graphics seen on camera. From custom signage to hero props (and everything in between), computer artists’ work varies widely.


Two graphic artists working in TV and film will teach a brief overview of the roles and duties of computer artists on production crews with samples of work from their portfolios

  • The roles and responsibilities of a computer artist
  • The work process
  • Skills required to work on a production set
  • What you can do now if you want a career as a computer artist in TV and film.

All CUNY students, faculty and staff are welcome.

Email with any question

Supported by funds from an HSI-STEM Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education

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