AMA sessions with Kar

Do you need help with a class assignment or assembling your portfolio? Is there a DIY project you want to bring to life but aren ‘t sure where to start? Kar – the BMCC Makerspace Lab Manager – can help! 

Meet Kar (she/they)! Kar is the lab manager of the BMCC Makerspace and oversees its day-to-day operations and events. She also runs the space’s social media and keeps the website up to date with workshops and content. Kar’s background is in art & design and digital fabrication. They’ve been an illustrator, storyboard artist, physical computing instructor, and ITP Camp Counselor, with some experience in user experience and accessibility research. You can see more of their personal projects over at @karthon  

Kar will be hosting AMA (“Ask Me Anything” sessions every Thursday starting May 13th, between 1:00 – 5:00PM Eastern Time. Follow @bmcc.makerspace on Instagram and submit your questions under the AMA post.

If you don’t make it to this session, feel free to DM Kar anytime (@bmcc.makerspace) or email her (

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