The Final Pizza-ing

This is the end product of Pizza Man. It really feels like a long journey from the humble beginnings to the final project that will effect my grade. Pizza man was initially a fun little drawing of a small Italian man. This little dude helped me learn the potential of Adobe Animate. I never thought that I would be using this Pizza Man for my final project but with encouragement from my class I decided that this little dude was worth my efforts. In the end I didn’t just make a animation… I made a story all because of Pizza Man!

I have also made it my mission to make sure that every file in this short animation project has PIZZA in it’s name.

now without further ado here is the Final Pizza Man

Pizzaman Turnaround and Concept

This is Pizzaman, he is also known as Enzo Stromboli

Enzo Stromboli AKA Pizzaman is a local pizza seller.

His favorite activity is cooking and singing

In one of his ad campaign, there was a minor repeating explosion, and Pizzaman had to check with his lawyers if he could sue… the only problem was, was the was trying to sue his own store.

Pizzaman was born in the Isle of Sicilia where he mastered his craft