Character Design

This is Kye Wicks, he is a 22 yrs old guy, a college student, very curious person.

Kye lives in a utopia world where humans have animal traits, they can have animal like features, animals abilities or both. Kye comes from the Panther Linage; he has cat like yellow eyes, a tail, hair resembling cat like ears and retractable claws he also has the panther flexibility and reflexes/instincts although he may need to sharpen his senses because he can be clumsy sometimes.

Kye one day founds out that his world isn’t the only one and thanks to his ancestors he can travel to this other worlds but he needs some practice to open those doors, you don’t want to find out what happened the day he accidentally travel to the anime world… lets just say there were titans involved. ? but he needs to practice in secret because he dad doesn’t like him traveling through the doors, he thinks it’s dangerous. Fortunately for us Kye has no sense of self preservation.