Wang Walk Cycle Final Piece

I picked Wang as my character because I desire and think its important to have self representation in cartoons, because growing up this was something I didn’t have. To have a character you can relate to or feel your identity or story matters is beautiful. Wang is a regular black American guy who grew up in (Southern) China and has a mix of urban style. He embodies confidence and fun. Two things that are so important to have in life. To cherish everything and enjoy it all. This is what makes his other traits of being childish and selfish so positive because its what makes him a perfect human. Someone with no responsibilities. The most challenging part was having him walk. The logic of matching the anatomies joints as they move felt impossible but with the help of references and patience I soon learned. The coloring was fun because I understood which palettes looked right on Wang and I couldn’t decide on which one, but purple means royalty in African culture so I felt it best represented his black narrative and with Wang speaking Cantonese showed his Chinese (Hong Kong) identity. The music was the hardest to decide because he has so much swag, any beat would fit his style. My favorite part was definitely creating Bibe. I wanted to make her reflect Wang so I created Bibe with someone who values the opposites like school, religion, structure things of life where she gets a balance of life once meeting her new boyfriend Wang. Drawing women is fun because of the feminine details you can create with precision. Since Wang is more masculine his broad shoulders and whipped hair is suppose to symbolize a wolf, alpha type of approach and Bibe is a cat with the sharp tiny eyes and heart shape face and shorter stature. The music shows the humor and fun from both Bibe and Wang.