The Blackout – Final Version

Had a blast creating these characters and animating then, even if they are pretty crude! I will definitely be coming back to them and giving them a good polish to hopefully create a something out of it.

The initial concept of what the characters were gonna look like and their personalities. Ended up animating General E. and Philip S. because of time constraints.

The final (?) version of 2/3 characters. I will be animating the third one because she is also part of the group!

Character design assignment

For this assignment, I came up with 3 different characters that share similar designs. I couldn’t think of what to come up with so I decided to draw the first thing that came to mind; and for some reason that was lightbulbs!

The characters are roommates that share different personalities.
There is Sylv A. that’s the happy one of the group and is always thinking of new inventions.
Philip S. is the one who doesn’t care too much and is usually off doing whatever the day brings.
General E. is the “adult” of the group and is always angry because the others aren’t as serious as him so he tends to get “heated” most of the time.

This was fun to create but challenging. Due to General E. being a clear bulb, it became difficult to figure out how to showcase him back view but with the professor’s suggestion of making his face with low opacity, you kind of get a sense that you’re looking through the back of the lit lightbulb to his face at the other side.
I plan on creating the other lightbulbs as well because I would love for them all to be in motion, but for now, I’ll focus on General E.