Donya-Shae Gordon- Reading Reflection 9

A group of Black feminists penned the influential Combahee River Collective Declaration in 1977, and it is a significant text. They talk about their political beliefs and the lack of equality, fairness, and freedom they experience. The relationship between two elements, such as oppression and complexion, is one of the statement’s central ideas. Many oppressions have had an impact on the writer’s experiences. Using sexism and racism as examples. The significance of teamwork and cooperation is also emphasized in the Combahee River Collective Declaration. According to the writers, in order to create a society where everyone is treated equally, all downtrodden must band together in the struggle against oppression. Activists are aware of the value of cooperation among various social movements. The author seeks to debate and discredit other social justice organizations. One of the statement’s most crucial features is the inclusion of the feminist movement. They believe this because the feminist movement concentrated on resolving problems affecting white women. It did not adequately meet the needs of black women at the time. The Combahee River Collective Declaration is a powerful call to action that urges us to deal with and end the various forms of oppression that have harmed our society. It serves as a reminder that the struggle for justice and equality must be a team effort that incorporates the opinions and firsthand accounts of all oppressed people.

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