Project: Self-Love & Desire : Body Image & Sexuality After Breast Cancer Art Exhibit

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Self-Love & Desire :  Body Image & Sexuality After Breast Cancer Art Exhibit
This Project is OPEN.
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Open Call for Submissions Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibit: Self-Love & Desire: Body Image & Sexuality After Breast Cancer

The Exhibit aims to raise awareness about breast cancer through promotion of self-love, body-image, acceptance, a reclaiming of bodies and sexuality. It is a tribute to survivors and an invitation to celebrate loving their bodies.

Submissions Representing: positive body image, self-love, empowerment, sex positivity for or about those who have survived, passed or are experiencing breast cancer. Submissions will be featured in our Breast Cancer Exhibit from October 10-25 via the WRC Social Media accounts and on the WRC website.

You can email or fill out the Google Form:

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If Emailed You Must Include:
– Subject Line: Breast Cancer Exhibit Submission
– First & Last Name
– Active Email Address
– Title of Submission
– Description or Caption for your Submission
– attached submission
– Provide Instagram and facebook handles so that we can tag you (If you are not comfortable sharing that info, just let us know)