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      Shmuly Lichtman


      “Good artists borrow, Great artists steal.” That quote is largely attributed to Pablo Picasso. While I do think that plagiarism is a big problem in today’s online world, taking someone’s creative idea, making it our own, and publishing it, has been the creators journey for as long as humans were around.  In fact, with Article 11 and Article 13 going through the Parliamentary process in the E.U., that process might be put into very dangerous jeopardy.

      There is a great discernment between blatant copy-pasting of someone else’s work and “fair use” – using another’s work in our own context. I believe the former should be totally banned and the latter totally allowed. The question is what happens to content that blurs the line between these two. That will be the next big question hanging over the internet, as the internet is growing up out of its youth and going into its adulthood.

      Thank you,

      Shmuly Lichtman

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