Course: Multimedia Programming 100 – Introduction to Multimedia

Homework 6.A

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      Shmuly Lichtman


      This article was an incredibly informative and interesting read. Learning about animation and the incorporation of real humans into these fake characters is incredibly illuminating. The evolution of the technology is amazing, and makes me wonder what movies will be able to do in 10-20 years.

      Once making anything look real will be able to be done via a simple app that is distributed to everyone’s pocket, video evidence won’t have the same power as it does now. Seeing the President of the United States saying something insulting about another country won’t neeceeserially make the president’s approval ratings go down. The president’s supporters will just be able to argue that the video is a ‘deep fake’ video.

      What the future will look like with this technology rampant is anyone’s guess, but movies will definitely be able to show, create, and make worlds and universes that were simply impossible with today’s technology. If the future world becomes too dark, at least we’ll have incredible movies to hide under.

      Thank you,

      Shmuly Lichtman

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