Course: Multimedia Programming 100 – Introduction to Multimedia


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      I was familiar with the many ways that filmmaker include computer graphics images in their live action videos and I think it’s great to have a reminder of it. CGI animation has always give a fantastic look in movies, it always fascinate me to understand the technology and techniques used to combine graphics with live action footages so I can create my own as well in the future. I was surprised that they didn’t mentioned the rotoscoping method to include animated graphics in live action videos, I thought it would be the most easiest way to put an animation in videos but I recently found out that it is not considered as a computer     <span class=”m_-2309109606288106793Apple-converted-space”> </span>generated images. What I found interesting is that although the process to create animated graphics can be long it will only appear in a small and short amount of time on the screen just to amaze the audience. I don’t have any specific worries regarding the realistic use of these techniques to persuade or entertain the targeted audience. However, nowadays the society can use “deepfakes” to mislead others and it is scary, but it can be cautiously analysed to reveal the lie involved in a visual media.

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