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      I was surprised to hear of Jerry Media and its established company, especially being that the company’s followers exceed 14 million. Reading this article was the first time I have heard of the brand. The social media era has made it a lot easier to take peoples work and publish it without going through the proper legal procedures. Users/people who use other people’s content tend to leave out any sort of credit or include nothing but a handle to possibly indicate where the content was taken from. I completely disagree with Jerry Media’s approach on how to conduct business. Current social media platforms are so large, that it is almost impossible to monitor what people are posting. That being said, it has become simple for users to take another person’s material. Jerry Media has built a successful company from taking other people’s material and profiting from its use. Knowing this, Instagram should not have let this continue for as long as it did. The page should have been removed. Entrepreneurs put time and thought into their work. If used, there should be some sort of compensation to the owner to credit their idea. I completely agree with the #fuckfuckjerry movement to stop Jerry Media’s unethical business process. The movement has since informed many people of the stolen content Jerry Media has utilized and continues to affect the brands following. I’m happy to see that major organizations have stopped conducting business with Jerry Media; showing progress in the #fuckfuckJerry movement. Hopefully, others that have been using people’s material for recognition or profit, are now aware that credit and compensation is due to the original creator.

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