Course: ECE 110 Lecture – Early Development and Education – Fall 2021 – Laura Kujo

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ECE 110 Lecture – Early Development and Education – Fall 2021 – Laura Kujo
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Teacher Education
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Child Care/Early Childhood Education, A.S.
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ECE 110-Lecture
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ECE 110-151L
Fall 2021
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This course examines the psychological and social foundations of early childhood and relates these foundations to educational practice with young children, birth to eight years. It focuses on historical and contemporary theories of childhood development. Early learning is considered in relation to biological factors, child and family, program, and socioeconomic factors, particularly in diverse urban settings. Young children’s physical, cognitive, communicative, social and emotional development are explored as contributors to and as consequences of early learning experiences.

This course requires 15 hours of fieldwork, which students complete by enrolling, attending and participating in the ECE 110 fieldwork seminar (ECE 110S).

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