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      Syreeta McFadden

      In this thread, share with your classmates what kind of topics and stories you’re interested in. Journalism has solitary moments, but in many ways, it is a collaborative practice.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Angel Macee Vasquez III</p>
      The type of topics that I am interested in discussing when it comes to journalism, is things of my interest. Things I have most interest in is Firefighting, Baseball, Technology, Global topics, Gaming, and even Mystery.

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      Shannon Williams

      I am interested in writing stories about the surge of crime in my neighborhood. I also want to write stories exploring and informing others about different religions and cultures.

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      I’m interested in stories about the ways that our thinking is impacted by media and information. Topics include art, cinema, the news, religion, politics, economics and music. Particular environments I’m interested in are Web3 — which relates to blockchain, crypto and NFT technology — the metaverse and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).

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      Luna Tomaz Neves

      <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>I have always been drawn to history-related stories. For example, when new artifacts are found that date back decades or centuries. Going to a museum is fascinating to me because it’s like, those artifacts were in the presence or in possession of Pharaohs, Kings, Queens, Armies, Gods, Presidents, and much more. Things used by those people, things owned by those people, stories engraved with those artifacts showing just how old and interesting they truly are. It’s also evidence that our history is truly real. It fascinates me how we can just go to a museum to see all of it. I have always had an interest in history-related movies such as, but not limited to, “National Treasure.” They solve an old historical scavenger hunt that involves STEALING the Declaration of Independence to find a room filled with artifacts that were put away from sight from the British and then in the second movie, finding Cibola, the city of gold. I am excited about the third one coming out supposedly this year. I have also found a fascination with fashion news-related articles. I’ve always liked watching shows like “Project runway to watch simple pieces of cloth get turned into beautiful pieces of clothing. The news/ articles are the ones where they show “Who wore it best” or “Who wore it worst” and they show photos of celebrities at a premier and explain why their outfits are good or horrific. What also has intrigued me were some rare news articles or gossip columns where there is some sort of big event going on and there was a really cool cake that is super detailed and it looks amazing. Or something like that, I am not sure exactly how to phrase it. In simpler terms, I find it interesting how there are such talented people who can bake a cake and make it look like a person, a piano, or just about anything imaginable. Shows like “Cake Boss’, “The Ultimate Bake-off” are what entice me as well. Shows where home renovations are the focus. I have read some news articles of people who went from having a home that’s rundown to putting it all together and making it look amazing all by themselves. Some news about certain laws that are either going to pass or that were passed that people now want to change, things like that intrigue me. The sources I usually look at are “Daily Mail” on Snapchat, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and sometimes the New York Times.</span>

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      I want to become a journalist because writing has always been my passion throughout the decades. I just write what comes to mind because it allows my mind to go to anyplace it wants to with no restrictions at all and it’s a way of expressing myself in more ways than one. Also, with a journalism career, this could be an opportunity to meet new people and hear their stories, concerns and know their way of life. Now, the stories I really want to write about are politics, crime, social issues and entertainment because these stories are research topics that impact many of us people. The topics that I’ve mentioned are very important because they help us think of a way to understand and address these issues. When I become a journalist, it is my job to inform the society about these issues to the public.

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      Brillana Perez

      The topics I’m interested in when it comes to journalism would be crime, murders, injustices and racial inequality. I’m most interested in these topics because they fascinate me and I feel like there’s a lot of racial issues and injustices in our justice system.

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      Arturo Mota

      The topics that I am really interested for journalism are food related. Something along the lines of being a food critic. I love watching food videos where people go to different places and just enjoy the food they have and that would be my first choice of what I’d write about.

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      Isabella Guerra

      My area of interest when it comes to journalism is music and the arts. I love anything creative and its something I feel I am passionate enough about to write articles on. Anything creative and personal are the two things I am best at when it comes down to writing.

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      Luna Tomaz Neves

      My area of interest is Archeology and historical findings. Many people don’t realize that being able to just simply go into a museum to look at artifacts dating back thousands of years or even billions of years is a privilege. The artifacts, the evidence, the fact that someone such as a Pharoah, a king, a queen, or a group of individuals had something in their possession or even used the artifact themselves, or simply just owned the artifact is just…. wow. The mere fact that something such as the clothing someone wore, the bed they slept on, the things they used, and more, is something that fascinates me personally.

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      My area of interest when it comes to journalism is sports, I feel like it comes to sports information i can give it all and I also know where I can get my information from because the sources that I know can help the readers more about sports.

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      My area of interest in journalism is covid-19, mental health since both of these topics are technically related to each other. food related videos as well since i do love to watch people make foods and rate food places just like they do on tik tok or instagram.I am also interested in reading about crime since i feel like crime articles are very sensitive topics to talk about.

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