Course: ENG 201 Fall 2022 with Prof. Perry

I am from MacBooks 

from Apple and Siri helping you

I am from an apartment building on the block on 79th avenue where it is very calm and beautiful and it smells like a pool of immigrants waiting for an opportunity

I am from the roses that are planted outside our building and 

the mushrooms that grow on the small tree that was cut down 5 years ago

I am from having pizza parties every time someone leaves the country 

and hard working 

from Yngrid  and Sebastian 

I am from a family that tends never to give up when things get complicated and tend to do everything with devotion and integrity  

From going to school to learn and not make friends and if you need help you ask for help because god gave you a mouth 

I am from a home where my mom gives me the blessing before I leave my house and says  Que Dios te bendiga 

I’m from a family that traveled across the pacific ocean to Jackson Heights, Queens where my immigrant Peruvian parents met and now live in flushing. 

Ceviche and la Causa 

From the stories of my great grandmother baking in the back of our bakery in Peru 

To how our family grew crops on the farm and how helping each other was key to keeping the family strong and united 

and my great grandfather waking up early to work and how he loved having family over because family meant everything to him 

I am from a plastic container of family photos and memories fulfilled in my closet.

I am from the smell of cinnamon and honey in the morning from the oatmeal

I am from my living room to nature in the park to watching the sunsets by the river. 

I am from living days when we have our daily dance battles with my siblings and the love of our parents. 


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