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      By the end of this module, you will complete the following:

      DISCUSSION TOPC: In the 92<sup>nd</sup> Y video, Cooper talks about her own map. She says she doesn’t see space continuously, but space merges and juxtaposes things she loves about the city. Her own map is a mash of Stuyvesant High School right by our own BMCC, the Brooklyn Bridge, a favorite café.  let’s use this discussion to talk about our own New York. Describe a place in the city that you really respond to.

      For instance, I was recently out with a neighbor, and we walked over to Union Square. The park is laid out is with lots of curvy sidewalks around a central hub. Watching the other people on the benches and the foot and bike traffic going by, I was struck that it was a like a train station. It was a temporary place for people to go on their way to someone else. And that got me thinking about our parks in general. Why are they so important aside from the obvious fact that everything else is concrete?

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