Course: ECE 211 Curriculum for Young Children I

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ECE 211 Curriculum for Young Children I
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Teacher Education
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Child Care/Early Childhood Education, A.S.
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ECE 211-132
Fall 2020
Course Description

This course is an introduction to the theories, methods and materials of curriculum planning in early childhood education (Preschool – Grade 2), with an emphasis on providing developmentally and culturally appropriate learning environments and experiences that encourage creativity in young children. The following topics are explored in depth: the intellectual and emotional importance of fostering creativity, the role of play in learning, the design of effective arts-based learning environments; the role of visual arts, music, movement and language arts/emergent literacy in developing children?s cognitive, social-emotional, physical, language and self-help skills. Course work includes workshops in planning and implementing creative arts experiences for young children.

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