Course: CRJ 202-0501 | Corrections | Satenik Margaryan |Summer 2021

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CRJ 202-0501 | Corrections | Satenik Margaryan |Summer 2021
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Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice, A.A.
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CRJ 202
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Summer 2021
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This course examines the history of criminal punishment in Western society, emphasizing the United States. The course highlights social forces (political, religious, economic, and technological) shaping punishment; reviews common theories (deterrence, retribution, rehabilitation, incapacitation, and restoration), and examines how theory relates to policy. The course takes a critical approach to correctional systems and policies by considering disparities and structural inequalities. Empirical evidence is used to examine contemporary crises of punishment (i.e., mass incarceration, school-to-prison pipeline) as well as prison culture, staffing, privatization, and prisoner civil rights. Alternatives to traditional punishment, especially restorative justice models, are explored.