Course: ANI 260 1300 Intro 2D Animation Spring 2021


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      Jody Culkin

      Introduce yourself here.

      What is your major?

      Favorite animated movie? What do you like about it?

      Favorite animated tv show? Why?

      Anything else you would like to tell us?

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      Jody Culkin

      Hi everyone, thought I would post here as well.

      I don’t have a major, obviously. I teach in the Media Arts and Technology department, mostly MMP or MMA courses, as well as Intro to 2D Animation. I started animating when I was in college, drawing by hand, doing stop motion, and rotoscoping.

      I love Bojack Horseman. Why? the character design, the humor, and the dark nature of the cartoon all appeal to me.

      It’s difficult for me to name a favorite animated movie,  there are so many and with so many differences in style and content. I might pick Up from Pixar, which I did particularly love. The grouchy old guy reminded me of my father, and I loved all the Doug the dog jokes.

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      Anna Proios

      Hello! My name is Anna Proios. My major in BMCC is Animation and Motion Graphics. My favorite animated movie is Disney’s Animated Hunchback of Notre Dam. I basically love everything about this movie. The visuals are breathtaking, the music is great, the characters are unique, and the storyline is top-notch (in my opinion). My favorite animated tv show is Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show in my opinion is beautifully animated with such an amazing storyline. I look forward to working with you all! 🙂

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      jesus M cerda

      Hello, my name is Jesus Cerda. I am from the Dominican Republic, came to the united states in 2010. I was 14 years old at that time. I have watched many animated movies, but there is one that I like, “the angry birds.” What i like about that movie is the story-line and how well each character plays their unique part. The red bird is always angry; the yellow one is super fast; a big black bird explodes; it is full of individual character. My favorite animated TV show is Hilda because the drawing style is different than others, and it provides a liking to it. The story takes you on an adventure, and the way things happen have a smooth transaction. I want to get the best out of this class as I can. My goal is to become an animator and draw comic books in my free time. I look forward to meeting new people and working with all of you!

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        Iseosa Guobadia

        I love Hilda !!

        And it’s cool that you want to make comics on the side.

        I wish you good luck.


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      Hello, My name is Leslie Dominguez, I’m 19 years old and I’m Mexican-American. My major is Liberal Arts and I’ve been studying at BMCC at about 2 years. My favorite Animated Movie is “Your Name”, I really love the art within the movie as well as the story. The art has an aesthetic that I’m drawn too. The Movie “Finding Dory” was also really beautfiul movie. My favorite animated show is Adventure Time, It was one of my favorite shows growing up, it was a very unpredictable and funny show. A swell as some other childhood shows, such as Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom and Spongebob.


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      Hi, my name is Natalia.  My major is Multimedia Programming and Design. I am a freshman, this is my second semester. I’m 19 years old. My favorite animated movie would have to be the recent animated The Addams Family. I liked how they gave Mrs.Addams and Wednesday’s oval shaped heads. I also like the designs they did for the family’s eyes. My favorite animated tv show is Tokyo Ghoul because it’s my favorite anime. Cartoon wise would have to be Avatar the Last Airbender because it was my favorite tv show growing up.

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      Meghan Ramirez

      Hello Everyone!! My name is Meghan Ramirez, I am 20 years old. My major in BMCC is Animation and Motion Graphics. My favorite animated movie is Pixar’s Inside Out (2015)  I personally connected with the story and it’s characters as the movie tackled on more deeper topics that weren’t brought up before and actually taught you a lot. My favorite animated tv show is Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. The show is unique cause it’s the first cartoon to have it be made from complete 3d animation. With that being said, I hope I get to know you all and I’m looking forward for us to work together and improve on our animating skills.

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      Marvin Monegro

      Hello, My name is Marvin Monegro. I’m 19 years old and I’m an animation major. I’m also a freshman and this is my second semester in BMCC. My favorite animated movie would be “Spider-man Into the Spider-verse” because of the amazing animation that they did for the film and how how interesting the story line was. my favorite animated show would be Steven universe because of how the story has inspired me to try and create my own animated series. However, there are many other shows that I would consider my favorite because of how I’ve grown up watching them as a child and how they have drove me into becoming an animator.

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      Hello, my name is Hsuanhua Chen, Ella for an easier life. My major is Animation and Motion graphics, and I’m a freshman at bmcc. My favorite anime movie is the Studio Ghibli series, like sprites away, they’re my childhood. My favorite animated tv show is Rick and Morty, I like to like deep about humanity and all the darker stuff, it’s hard for me to describe what kind of show it is, it includes many things, and using funny, sarcastic way to show the audiences.

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      Jing Lin

      Hi everyone! My name is Jing Lin. My major is multimedia programing and design. Favorite animated movies and animated TV shows? I’ve only seen one animated movie called Spirited Away, so I’m not sure if it’s my favorite. But animated TV show is Doraemon, the role I like so much, because it has a magic pocket, this TV series is my childhood memories.

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      Iseosa Guobadia

      Hi. I’m Aisosa, (pronounced I-SO-SUH.) I’m a freshmen and this my third semester at BMCC. I’m an animation and motion graphics major. I plan on becoming an animator, and I might pick up cartooning on the side. In the meantime, I chat with my friends/art group. We’re working on a webcomic, and some days we’re trying to build connections with other artists.
      One of my favorite animated movies is Dumbo (1940’s version). It’s an outcast/underdog film. It starts off depressing in the first act, which makes the ending’s payoff count. I also like the music, background and songs. Vintage Disney songs, to me, sound dreamy and whimsical.
      Favorite animated show at the moment, is Kid Cosmic. It’s created by an animator, whose works I love. Compared to his previous works, this is more story-based. It has a “funnies” comic book art style, it’s reminiscent of “50s attack of space invaders” stuff. (Even the name gives off that spiffy space boy hero vibe.) What lacks in setting, makes up for in characters. The dynamics between the townsfolk, the main five, even the alien character, they’re all nice. The soundtrack is subtle, but there are some bangers hidden there. I believe the show is wholesome and dark, and one the best things to come out this year.

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      Alexandra Geiser

      Hi, my name is Alex Geiser. I am a Animation and Motion Graphics major. My favorite animated movie is Fantastic Planet. The hand drawn illustrations are beautiful and the world of the film is perfectly surreal. While I also love movies in the Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli realm, I’m more interested in pursuing Fantastic Planet-style animation. My favorite animated show is Pingu. I love the stop-motion claymation. Pingu is a Swiss children’s show, but it translates across the board since it relies so heavily on the visual component and the characters speak in noises rather than a real language, which I think is pretty cool.

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      SaiLungCash Jeung

      Hi, my name is SaiLungCash Jeung, you can also call me Cash. My major is Animation and Motion Graphics, this is my second semester here at BMCC My favorite animated movie is Gurren Lagann the Movie: Childhood’s End. The paintings and movements in the movie are very smooth and exquisite. In the story, we can see how the protagonist grows and see his changes.

      My favorite animated tv show is The Irregular at Magic High School. The series is set in a world with an alternate history, where magic exists and has been polished through modern technology. I like this style of background very much.

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      Kaleek Grant

      Hi, my name is Kaleek. I am an animation major. My favorite animated movie is Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse because of the crossover between the various spider-related characters as well as the combination of 3D and 2D animation with a comic book style. One of my favorite animated shows is Demon Slayer. The story is pretty interesting and animation is really fluid especially during the combat scenes.

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      Christina Perez

      hi my name is Christina Perez. I’m in animaion and motion graphics major. My favorite animation is Hunter x hunter. I loved the show OVERALL. The plot, the characters, and LOVED the foreshadowing and build up. At this point i can’t even express how much i loved the show. I like to play video games and watch anime. Just a normal weeb :>

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      Hi my name is Suprem Lama. My major is aimation and motion graphics. I love watching anime and my favorite anime is dragon ball. I love watching dragon ball because its easy to get into and when you get into watching the show there is a lot that makes you love it. My favorite animated movie would be kung Fu Panda 3.  I love watching this animated movie because its interesting. I love watching anime, playing games, and making beats.

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      Adelina Santana

      Hello! My name is Adelina Santana and I am 18 years old. I am a freshman and my major is Animation/Graphic Design. My favorite animated movie would have to be Howls Moving Castel. This is my favorite movie because I love the scenery in the movie and the character design. My favorite animated tv show would have to be Avatar the Last Airbender. This is my favorite show due to the amazing storyline, character arcs, and just everything about this show! Some fun facts about me are I love to bake and cook. My favorite dishes to make is Spam Musubi and Lasagna. When I’m not cooking up a storm at home I’m skateboarding all around the city.


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