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Oral History Project: questions and resources

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      Ewa Barnes
      • Prepare your questions for your oral history project interview. Let’s brainstorm together. Post 1-3 questions here. Then see what your classmates have posted.
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      Here were a few of the questions that came to my mind first.

      Were there any notable books that stood out to you as a kid that helped you enjoy reading?

      How has your relationship with reading and writing helped you to succeed in your career?

      Were there notable teaching strategies that you recieved along the way that helped you with your literacy career?

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      Gabriella Matera

      Here are a few questions:

      1. What strategies did you learn either on your own or from teachers to help you read and understand what you were reading?
      2. What kind of educational programs did you have in school to help with literacy?
      3. Do you enjoy reading? Why or why not? What types of books are you passionate about and why?
      4. How has literacy helped you become successful?
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      Esha Kadiwar
      1. do you think anything would have changed if you wet to school at this time?
      2. how has literacy played a role in your success?
      3. what are the changes you see now in school vs. when you went to school?
      4. which is better going to school at your time or now?
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      Mengxue Lin
      1. What was the ongoing literacy programs that existed during your time, and how did your school implement these if any?
      2. How would you say your overall experience with acquiring literacy is when you were still a student?
      3. Did you have specific goals when you were learning how to read and write, or you learned these skills for the sake of learning them?
      4. How do you think literacy has shaped who you are today?
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