Course: ACR 150/ Literacy in American Society – 0501/ Spring 2022

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      Qudus Elemikan

      1. Literacy is described as the ability to spell, read, and write.

      2. When I researched the term, I discovered that literacy skills include listening, speaking, reading, and writing. it is a process in which one expands one’s knowledge of reading and writing to grow one’s thinking and learning for the aim of knowing oneself and the world.

      3. Illiteracy, according to John Trischitti, is the inability to read, whereas literacy is the opposite so it is the ability to read. He stated that illiteracy is a treatable problem that affects one billion people. He also stated that literacy comes in many forms, including computer, health, and financial literacy, and that it may contribute to the elimination of starvation, property, and crime. I believe that literacy can help decrease many of our issues, but it cannot eliminate them entirely because some of the people affected by the problem are literate, but this does not mean that the problem goes away.

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