FYE Overview

As BMCC focuses on student experience to increase achievement and retention, developing a robust First Year Experience embedded within regular, credit-bearing coursework is a priority. Over the past two years, faculty have collaborated to create and share the materials that you will find on this Community Site.

Ultimately, an FYE enhanced course seeks to develop a learning community that will help students to develop connections with peers and faculty, enhance skills that will allow for current and future success at BMCC and beyond, and help to orient students to the resources and supports that are available as part of the BMCC community.

In order to do this,  FYE courses focus on three key areas that will help students succeed in academic contexts at BMCC and beyond: honing an academic stance (e.g., understanding how, in academic contexts, individuals perceive, observe, and approach problems), developing an academic identity (i.e., seeing oneself as a member of an academic community), and becoming aware of social responsibility and citizenship (e.g., academically ethical behavior).

It is also important to note that as part of this work, previous iterations of FYE at BMCC were discussed so that the historical perspective and previous work was not lost.

This is a community site for faculty teaching FYE-embedded courses.

We thank BMCC faculty, staff and administration who have already contributed to the site, and we welcome further contributions.