Character Design Assignment

I really had fun creating this character, the inspiration was from a roleplaying survival horror game that I recently obsessed with, called ” The Call of Cthulhu”. Because I love to design characters, the creation of Klein was coming out smoothly, just struggle a little with the dress. I love the element of an evil nun that seduce human, that’s also why I stubborn on the nun-like dress, but I also want them to be more special and outstanding, so I make the dress like this, it’s actually not complex as it seems just three major parts.

Name: Klein Lathotep

Height: 170

Gender: None.  It doesn’t matter what you call them.

Race/ Appearance: Ancient God/ Tentacle-like creature

Personality: Everything is based on one’s mood. They like to observe human beings and seduce them to fall.

Appearance is not important, because they can have many different appearances. The look drawn here is just what they usually use just for now.

The original body is the tentacles, which have teeth that can swallow humans into the abdomen, but generally won’t eat them, because that’s way too boring.  They enjoy playing with prey, the look of human beings panicked when they see their original appearance,  disasters, and chaos. They also love to give hope and then make people desperate after.

Usually wearing a nun-like costume, of course, is not such a sacred profession as a nun, just to create contrast.  Although wearing the veil, it really doesn’t matter if not wear it, it’s just to arouse people’s curiosity.  Will ask another person to see if they want to see it. If the other person answers “yes”, they will show him the face with tentacles.