Week 15 – AD & AS

Before Class on Tuesday, November 30th
OpenStax (2021) – 11.1 & 11.2
OpenStax 11.3 & 11.4
Marginal University (2021)
In Class

Before Class on Thursday, December 2nd
Have completed or attempted all of Weekly Review 11

Material Links
OpenStax. (2021). “Macroeconomic Perspectives on Demand and Supply.” Principles of Macroeconomics (second edition). https://openstax.org/books/principles-macroeconomics-2e/pages/11-1-macroeconomic-perspectives-on-demand-and-supply
OpenStax. (2021). “Building a Model of Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply.” Principles of Macroeconomics (second edition). https://openstax.org/books/principles-macroeconomics-2e/pages/11-2-building-a-model-of-aggregate-demand-and-aggregate-supply
Marginal University. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaZU7UOmD4OGRLhk7bLsFrJMc162jLfrz
In this series, Aggregate Demand might be the most helpful. Long Run Aggregate Supply and Short Run Aggregate Supply present an alternative to the Aggregate Supply curve we are using, representing the so-called “neoclassical synthesis”


One thought on “Week 15 – AD & AS

  1. Osha Miller

    It was good to learn all the major factors that go into a recession. Also seeing how detail and complicated the supply and demand. The text does a great job of conveying both the ideologies of Mr. Say and giving the opposing argument. I do disagree with the ideologies that Mr. Say subscribed to. The economy isn’t a perfect science. Even with all the data and technology available to us, the economy can still be wildly unpredictable. So saying because X is this way so Y should be this way isn’t a fair assessment of what actually happens.


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