How Does Poor Nutrition Affect ECE Cognitive Development?

I choose to publish about poor nutrition, and how it affects the cognitive development in children because, as an ECE student, I have learned the importance of good nutrition, and how it may impact in the well performance in school.

This project is meaningful for me because when I decided to study to be a teacher, it was to help my community. I would like to help children to thrive, specially black and brown children. As future teacher, I am concerned about the quality of food our children are served in schools and how it affects their attention, learning, thinking…

This topic has impact me as ECE learner because I have understood that nutrients play a big role in the early childhood growth. That will help me out to be aware and more empathetic to children who may face learning struggles. And to continue to speak up about the importance of a healthier lunch at schools because that will help our children to bloom their cognitive development. They will thrive and we can have a well developed society.

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