In my opinion, I believe that the moral dilemma in Moonlight is that no matter how hard you try to mask who you are and conform yourself to what society deems as acceptable or “right,” you will never truly be happy, even when you believe you’ve fully been converted. In Moonlight’s case, as kids, Kevin portrayed himself as happily being violent and a ladies’ man and Chiron never revealed who he truly was out of fear of what would come with that title but together as kids Kevin and Chiron got to be themselves for that one night on the beach with the Moonlight shining down on them. As an adult, Kevin changed to become a better man and father to his son after being incarcerated, and Kevin altered to become what he knew and grew up around, and that was being a drug dealer or, as he called a “trapper.” Yet they both weren’t themselves because even though Kevin had a son, I still believe he was gay. He never said it, but a straight man would not caress the privates of another male or caress a male as he laid on him for comfort.

In Chiron’s case, per the 7 moral positions, in my opinion, he went with number 3, doing whatever would improve his situation.

If I was personally was in Chiron’s place, I believe I would do whatever makes me happy, and this is something I always do; I don’t go based on what society thinks, but then again, I can say I might be being biased because I am thinking about it in the shoes of a Hispanic woman, in my opinion, a woman coming out lesbian is not frowned upon as bad as it is for a male to come out gay. If I was in Chiron’s complete body, I might’ve chosen the same path he took out of fear of being shunned.

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