11/15-11/17 Online Assignment: Case Study

Case Study

You have recently been appointed as the chief of police of a large urban police department. One of the primary problems your department is facing is the increasing gang and drug activity in the downtown area. Citizens have complained that the gangs have vandalized the buildings and taken over abandoned houses in the neighborhood for drug activity and prostitution. There also has been an increase in violent crimes including assaults, drive-by shootings, robberies, and homicides. As the chief, you have to decide how to address these issues.

  1. What are some indications that this neighborhood is suffering from social disorganization?
  2. Describe in detail a plan to “take back the neighborhood.” Your plan should describe the role of the police chief, the police officers, the community (people living in the community and community leaders), and the mayor.

How can you try to ensure your plan will be effective? Be specific.

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  1. Some indications that this neighborhood is suffering from social disorganization is because of the gang, drug and violent crimes including assaults, drive-by shootings, robberies, and homicides activities that’s raising. It could also be high economic disadvantage, residential instability, and ethnic heterogeneity. The plan to take back the neighborhood the mayor should hold events that would have the community improve on they lifestyles. And the police officers should be around that neighborhood and be on lookout and arrest anybody who is associated with the drug, gang and violent crimes including assaults, drive-by shootings, robberies, and homicides activities. Everyone in the community of that neighborhood should push everyone in the community to attend events by the mayor so they can help each other out on improving on everything that is going wrong. The role of the police chief should be making plans with the mayor about what kind of events they should host for the community of that neighborhood

  2. Some indications that this neighborhood is suffering from social disorganization are because of the increase in violent crimes which include robberies, assaults, homicides, gangs, and drug abuse. Other things like economic status, ethnic diversity, or family disruption are social disorganization in which the neighborhood is being affected. As a chief of police, I will organize an event with people who live in the community, community leaders, and the mayor. I will talk about the side effects of drug intake and prostitution. Then will put police officers in those neighborhoods to lookout any activists that can be related to drugs, assaults, or any type of crime. Everyone in the community should support this event and we all must work together so we can see an improvement in our neighborhood.

  3. Some indications that the neighborhood is suffering from social disorganization are because of vandalism, the increase in gangs, drug activities, prostitution, also violent crimes such as assaults, drive-by shootings, robberies, and homicides. Another reason why the neighborhood may be suffering from social disorganization is because of the economy, ethnic groups, and housing stability. As the chief of police my plan to take back, the neighborhood will start by deploying undercover cops to that neighborhood and have 24 hours surveillance to have an idea of who’s committing crimes and start arresting whoever is associated with the gangs. The next step is having a community meeting in the neighborhood where everyone is able to attend and feel safe in it, and the last step is to get the mayor to come down to the neighborhood and talk to the citizens and talk about how he will go out of his way to make sure the neighborhood improves and hold a Community meeting every 3 weeks to see how it is progressing.

  4. The first indications that the neighborhood is falling in a certain way is that there are many shootings, robberies, homicides, etc. These are the most important or relative indications that can be exposed that there is a problem. Now, as the police chief, I would first try to establish care units, this means that groups of officers would be formed to take care of the neighborhood areas, then start carrying out checks to start seizing what are weapons, arresting delinquents, etc. Once this is done, start establishing rules that include the force of the law to avoid fights and confrontations between criminal gangs. Everything that is being done is on a plkan that has steps, each one would take its time, but each one of the steps will show the power of the law. It would be first to organize the officers, to make requisitions of weapons and control everything, to apply the law, that is to say that each crime will be paid with jail or community service depending on the crime, this will begin to take a favorable turn since control will once again be from us the officers and not from the criminals. I am sure that my plan will work because it is something planned that would not be easy but it would be achieved with good organization.

  5. the indications of the neighborhood disorganization is the amount of crime that is arising such as assault, drive by shootings, prostitution, gang and drug activity, robberies and homicides. my plan as police chief i would send officers to heavily involved areas of crime and arrest those who caused the uproar in crime. in addition the mayor will host events to unify the community so people would be at ease with each other and create bonds with their neighbors, hold meetings to different parts of the community where was an abundance of crime to come speak up to their own accord to see how the people are feeling towards their community and have community leaders reach out to those in need and to be the voice of their own community.

  6. Indications that a neighborhood is suffering from social disorganization are because of gangs, drugs, robberies, and violent crimes. Other things such as economic status, ethnic groups, and housing stability, are also factors that show social disorganization. As for the plan to take back the neighborhood, if I were the police chief, I would be to 1st send out marked and unmarked units to get familiar with the neighborhood to see who’s causing trouble and establish a relationship with the locals to gain their trust. After that, I would set up community events to advocate for community safety, establish daily patrols, enforce laws more strictly such as gun control, and maximum sentences depending on the crime. I would also speak out to the mayor to ask for their support in advocating community safety such as holding events, creating programs to help low income neighborhoods, and programs to keep the youth off the street.

  7. Social disorganization occurs whenever citizens of a community begin to neglect important values in favor of disorder and illegal, dangerous activities; an example is the difficulties that this community’s police department is experiencing (drug activity, prostitution, drive-by shootings, etc.).
    As chief of police, I would start restoring order in the city by directly addressing the problem, which would entail arresting anyone involved in illegal initiatives and increasing daily patrols in the city’s new “hot spots.”
    I would then invite the mayor to give the abandoned buildings a new lease on life (such as a shopping mall or a children’s play area) that benefits the community and invites it to occupy that area rather than leaving it abandoned and available for criminal activities.
    By then, the vast majority of offenders would be imprisoned or otherwise discouraged from engaging in a felonious activity. But I believe it is not enough; I consider it necessary to address the root of the problem now that it has been placated; I would analyze with the mayor what those influences might be, such as an economic issue, a hostile environment, or perhaps unemployment, and rely on the local government to do there own job and find a proper solution.

  8. As a newly appointed chief of police of a large urban police department, I will first figure out the severity of the problem and go into the details of the issue and I will appoint some of the policemen in civil dress for getting more information about the issue in a large scene. Most importantly, with the help of the citizens of that locality, I will figure out their activities with each and every minute details which will help me to understand the pattern of their crime with great understanding.

    After that, I will figure out the individuals who are in these activities and when I satisfied with the all these evidence then I will directly catch them on the spot or from their different locations where they live.

    If I do not have time to figure out all these plans, then I will directly reach on the spot to stop them and caught them. And I will try to get details from these criminals about the plans and people involved and try to catch all by the help of their criminal friends. And will seize the abandoned place and mark that place to not enter for the people in the future. And this case comes under Crime and disorder theory.

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