About Me

 I am passionate about my community and organizing groups. Today, I am studying Sociology at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Upon graduation, I plan on transferring to John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

With my leadership and mentoring skills, my goal is to pursue a career as a Community Organizer. For my academics, I plan on achieving a Bachelor’s degree in sociology. In addition, I plan on pursuing my masters in Urban Planner and Development.  So that I can contribute to building a peaceful and fair communities in the world. 

Now, I am working as a mentor to provide information, guidance, and support to new undergraduate, transfer, and international students to help them find resources. Along with this, I hope to guide students with building a connection to their university  in hopes that they navigate and remain on track of success during their academic journey.

I am also sharing knowledge and experiences and building strong relationships with others. Therefore, I am learning so many new things to start my dreams.