Modeling a Modular SciFi Inspired Hallway

The image above is from an Unreal Tournament from some time ago but it’s a great example of a project you can tackle with a modular approach, meaning that we will be breaking down this seemingly complex image into more digestible components rather than trying to tackle the whole thing at once. Each week we will model one or two components, and in the end you will each be responsible to bringing them all together into one cohesive image. This type of work could come in either the pre-production or production phase of a project.

This assignment is designed to introduce you to the workflow(s) of various modeling techniques in Cinema 4D, however, many of these techniques can also me employed in other 3D software. We will be using Cinema 4D in both ANI 401 and ANI 402, since it’s an industry standard 3D application for animation and motion graphics.

Follow the videos in the playlist below to begin modeling each of the components of your hallway. After each video, save the individual pieces as their own file in your folder on the class’ Google Drive. At the end we’ll bring them into one file to recreate the hallway.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below or send me an email at