Character Design

This modern day greaser is Leo. He often get’s himself into trouble and carries himself with a sense of complacency. However, he has a bit of a soft spot. After his former gang (The Grim Reapers) brutally attacked a town, he found a little girl and her cat who changed his life. Sadly she was killed by a gang member and ever since, Leo has decided to stray away from the path of violence with his new cat friend named Lion.

Bouncing Ball

Here I animated a bowling ball and a rubber ball side by side. The bowling ball was much easier to animate, being that it doesn’t require squash and stretch due to its mass. The rubber ball however, was a bit more difficult as I was having trouble keeping the mass consistent throughout each frame. Nonetheless, I tried my best and will continue doing ball studies to make them as fluid as possible. The project was fun and interesting.