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CRJ 204|Criminal Justice and the Urban Community|Margaryan Spring 2023

Satenik Margaryan
Criminal Justice, A.A.|CRJ 204|Spring 2023

This course takes a critical approach to the study of crime and justice in urban settings. Course materials examine contemporary crime-related issues that affect urban communities within a historical and […]

Future Lawyers @ BMCC


No discrimination is it for all criminal justice majors that are considering going to a graduate school or even if not let us just all share information and work together.

CRJ 102 – 110W | Criminology | Fall 2022

Satenik Margaryan
Criminal Justice, A.A.|CRJ 102|Fall 2022

This is an introductory and foundational course in the study of crime and justice. It is designed to introduce students to the various historical and contemporary theories and empirical research used to understand […]

SPN106 Fall 2022

Laurie Lomask
Spanish, A.A.|SPN106|Fall 2022

This is the course site for SPN106 with Prof. Lomask during Fall 2022.