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BMCC Criminal Justice Program

Michelle Ronda

In the Criminal Justice Program (CRJ) at the Social Sciences, Human Services, and Criminal Justice Department at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), you will find yourself in an academically […]

CRJ 201 | Policing | Course Hub

Criminal Justice, A.A.

An OER course hub for criminal justice 201-policing. This course is intended to broaden the student’s understanding of the origins and development of law enforcement agencies in the United States. Moreover, t […]

CRJ 200 | Constitutional Law | Course Hub

Daniel DiPrenda
Criminal Justice, A.A.|CRJ200

This course provides a historical overview of the relationship of the states to the Bill of Rights, and how the U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted the powers of the federal government. The effect of the due […]

Open Pedagogy/Word Press Seminar | Summer 2020

jean amaral, Gina Cherry

A virtual seminar for faculty who applied and were accepted to participate in June 2020.

Teach On!

Teach On!

Gina Cherry

A space for faculty to share ideas about how to support student learning during the transition to distance learning for the remainder of Spring 2020. Please request to join if you are faculty at BMCC. Click on […]