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Geslie’s Portfolio

This is just my portfolio.

Brendan Doherty’s Portfolio

Brendan Doherty’s course work

Marcus Starks’s Portfolio

Marcus Starks’s Portfolio

MEA Portfolio

Ilda Medel’s Portfolio


Andrew Barshtein’s Portfolio

My name is Andrew Barshtein. I am an Animation and Motion Graphics major currently studying at BMCC. I work primarily in illustration and graphic design (using Adobe softwares), but also have experience in […]

Steve Fajardo’s Portfolio

This is the actual site of my portfolio where I post my work

Daniel Jimenez’s Portfolio

Daniel Jimenez’s portfolio

Raziel’s Portfolio

Portfolio mostly consisting of my projects at BMCC. I’ll include personal projects and work done for clients if I can get some good stuff done.

Aneil Rodriguez’s Portfolio

Aneil Rodriguez’s portfolio.

Melanie Chui’s Portfolio

My name is Melanie Chui. Email: melchui777@gmail.com Favorite animated film: Frozen II Open Lab Portfolio Home page: https://openlab.bmcc.cuny.edu/groups/mel

Nina Becerra’s Portfolio

art and stuff

Hackney Carriage

Where all the magic happens.