Infant Curriculum: Self Reflection

At Week 16 of the semester you will monitor your progress towards achieving your goals. Your learning, growth and progress towards achieving your goals will help to determine your grade for ECE 209. To monitor your progress towards meeting you goals,  answer the questions below at the end of each module to document your progress over the semester.

  • What did you learn in this week’s modules for ECE 209-Lecture and Seminar that connects to your goals?
    • Information/ knowledge
    • Skills
    • Insights (connections you made or “ah-ha’s” you had about the material)
  • How will the material from these modules help and support you to meet your goals

7 thoughts on “Infant Curriculum: Self Reflection”

  1. After completing my modules for ECE 209 lecture and seminar, I’ve learned how to identify policies and practices that best support infant curriculum , the many benefits of building empathy and how we can help strengthen relationships in multiage classrooms for not only young children but their caregivers too. I have also learned the best practices for engaging with families who have infants which helps support meeting my goals by developing curriculum that best supports infant learning and their well being.

  2. In the week of module for Ece 209 I’ve learned about infant curriculum, the benefits of multiage classrooms for infants and toddlers, how to build stronger family relationships, the benefits of continuity of care for infants, toddlers, families and caregiving staff. The challenges of multiage settings, I’ve learned about attachment, how multiage settings support attachments etc. these materials will help me in my future to how to approach babies and parents , how to help them and approach them.

  3. After finishing module 12, I learned the definition of a multiage classroom and the benefits of it. Prior to these readings, I never knew this existed. I’ve learned more about attachments and not only how they benefit children, but the teachers and families too.

  4. In this module, I’ve learned many things that I did not know before. I learned about multiage classrooms and it’s benefits to infants such as developing empathy, fostering attachment and continuity, and building stronger family relationships. I also learned about the many challenges, such as safety and supervision, boredom among 2 year olds, and staff turnover. Lastly, I learned about COC- Continuity of Care, which is very important. Some benefits are deepening the teacher’s knowledge about the child, increasing teacher understanding of child development, strengthens family-caregiver relationships, and facilitating secure attachment for children.

  5. In this module I was able to compare and contrast the readings and materials with my real life work in my classroom. Parents have always requested for their children to stay in my class longer because the children and parents did form strong bonds with me they wanted it to continue. My program however did not apply that option which i feel could have been beneficial to all parties.

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