Environments Self-Reflection

At Week 16 of the semester you will monitor your progress towards achieving your goals. Your learning, growth and progress towards achieving your goals will help to determine your grade for ECE 209. To monitor your progress towards meeting you goals,  answer the questions below at the end of each module to document your progress over the semester.

  • What did you learn in this week’s modules for ECE 209-Lecture and Seminar that connects to your goals?
    • Information/ knowledge
    • Skills
    • Insights (connections you made or “ah-ha’s” you had about the material)
  • How will the material from these modules help and support you to meet your goals

5 thoughts on “Environments Self-Reflection”

  1. I learned in this week’s lecture how important it is to have a safe and welcoming environment for parents and children. When doing so, it ensures that the child is exploring their surroundings safely and the families’ are able to have a safe and homely space when not at home.

  2. This week’s modules for ECE 209-Lecture and Seminar that connects to my goals was the agreement that a primary social and emotional goal for infants and toddlers to build trust and a sense of security. According to Louis Torrlli says that we’ll-designed environment can provide what is ok and what is not and send positive messages. How children learn and how teachers teach, encourages exploration and a sense of control (Let’s Talk About Environments). This focuses on the design of the environment and how crucial it can be to a child’s development.

  3. After completing my modules for ECE 209 lecture and seminar, I’ve learned how to analyze the use of social power responsibility, exploring more ways to create partnerships with families, identifying the essential elements for infant classrooms, and being able to provide infants and toddlers with a variety of open-ended materials that will allow children to explore and manipulate the materials in ways that are meaningful to them and is suited to their developmental level. After watching the Let’s Talk About Environments video, I gathered more information in ways to send messages of security, trust and comfort whether the children can move and explore along with finding out how physical environments impact relationships between children and adults. This information helps and supports me to meet my goals by being able to develop an environment/curriculum that supports infant learning and well-being.

  4. I learn in this week’s modules for ECE 209-Lecture and Seminar that connects to my goals about goal of infant and toddlers environments, I learned about different types of dimensions, I learned about the importance of creating an environment that will encourage children’s motor skills and competencies, I learned about children space how important it is to create safe and spacious environment for the child to explore, I learned about different types of balls and their roles , I learned about open-ended material, visual experience in infants classrooms, I learned about primary social and emotional goals for infants and toddlers, importance of creating safe and comfortable safe for babies and adults also inappropriate equipment on babies and adults and points of view of Louis Torelli.

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