Attachments Activity #2: Self-Reflection

At Week 8 and Week 16 of the semester you will monitor your progress towards achieving your goals. Your learning, growth and progress towards achieving your goals will help to determine your grade for ECE 209. To monitor your progress towards meeting you goals,  answer the questions below at the end of each module to document your progress over the semester.

  • What did you learn in this week’s modules for ECE 209-Lecture and Seminar that connects to your goals?
    • Information/ knowledge
    • Skills
    • Insights (connections you made or “ah-ha’s” you had about the material)
  • How will the material from these modules help and support you to meet your goals?


9 thoughts on “Attachments Activity #2: Self-Reflection”

  1. This week I learned a lot about Analyzing infant attachment relationships and how to Identify how infant teachers can create attachments with infants. How to approach them, and care about them. I learned about healthy attachments, secure attachment and strategies on how we can create healthy attachments between babies with their parents and their caregiver.
    This material will help me gaining a lot of knowledge about babies and a lot of perspective of how to see and treat babies.

  2. After completing the modules in ECE 209 Lecture and Seminar I learned why it’s so important to not only create and promote positive attachments with infants but to have a better understanding in knowing how to analyze infant attachment relationships. The material from these modules will definitely help and support me to meet my goals because it’s allowing me obtain more knowledge and insight on strategies to ensure that all babies develop strong attachment relationships with not only the caregivers but parents as well which will further allow me to develop a safe and nurturing environment that supports infant learning and well being.

  3. In this week’s modules, I learned how a secure attachment between a child and the caregiver forms the foundation of the child’s emotional and brain development and strength. Also, attachment with a grows over time, through day-to-day actions and routines.

  4. I learned from this week’s module the importance of creating attachment to the children in your care. It has many helpful developmental purposes and its important as a caregiver to create these attachment with the children.

  5. In this week’s module I learned for ECE 209-Lecture and seminar that connects to my goals are the different forms of attachments negative and positive according to Ainsworth. Leaning the different ways attachments is also opening the pathways to recognize that each infant is different and is worthy of respect. To build attachment in a process over time.

  6. In this week’s module I learned how important it is for a child to form a secure attachment with their caregiver. It does not simply affect their personality or behavior but also their learning. No learning can take place unless there is a foundation of trust which is developed through a secure attachment with a trusted caregiver.

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