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Manually Copying Course Content from Blackboard to Brightspace

Since Blackboard courses from the Summer 2022 onward are automatically being migrated to Brightspace, it is generally recommended that for these courses you hold off on manually copying them into Brightspace.

For older courses, you have the option of exporting a course package from Blackboard to your computer, and then uploading it to a Brightspace course (either a practice course or a real course once it becomes available in Brightspace). This video produced by the Division of IT at Stony Brook University, walks through the steps for this:

2 thoughts on “Manually Copying Course Content from Blackboard to Brightspace”

  1. I am concerned that the migrated courses are not exactly the latest versions. I do try to improve the courses as I go. Should I delete the Fall 2023 course content and reimport them using the above instructions? Or, would it better to import them to new “sandbox” courses?

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