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The LMS transition is being led by CUNY Office of Academic Affairs in collaboration with CUNY CIS. Please visit the CUNY LMS Transition site for CUNY-wide news and information. 

The LMS transition at BMCC is being led by Gina Cherry (CETLS Director), Gail Fernandez (Acting Associate Dean of Faculty), and Tom Harbison (Director of Digital Education).

We invite all BMCC faculty, staff, and students to get involved with the Brightspace transition by joining one of the transition advisory groups. Advisory groups will begin their work in Fall 2023 and continue through Fall 2024. Please complete this form to join an advisory group.

Steering Committee

The steering committee consists of the LMS transition leaders and the advisory group co-chairs. The committee tracks and coordinates the work of advisory groups and other staff involved in the LMS migration.


Gina Cherry (CETLS), Gail Fernandez (Academic Affairs), Tom Harbison (Digital Education)

Group Members >>

Julie Cassidy (English)
Leticia Dinkins (Learning Resource Center)
Eda Henao (Modern Languages)
Michael Hutmaker (Student Affairs)
Jennifer Lauren (Digital Education)

Shahreen Laskar (Student Affairs)
Brian Nemeth (Digital Education)
Eliza Osae-Kwapong (Digital Education)
Lisa Rose (Social Sciences)

Departmental Liaisons

Each academic department has appointed at least one Brightspace liaison. Departmental liaisons will serve as Brightspace resources for colleagues in their department. Here is a list of liaisons.

Advisory Groups

Brightspace advisory groups consist of faculty, staff, and students who meet regularly to discuss topics related to the Brightspace transition with the goal of providing guidance to the project leaders. The four advisory groups are Campus System Configuration, Communication, Faculty/Staff Training and Support, and Student Training and Support.

Campus System Configuration

Review and make recommendations about technical issues, system configuration, and integrations with other systems, with a focus on how these system configuration issues relate to teaching and learning in Brightspace.


Gina Cherry (CETLS), Tom Harbison (Digital Education), Brian Nemeth (Digital Education)

Group Members >>

Shoba Bandi-Rao (ALL)
Kristina Borowski (Academic Advisement)
John Huie (Human Resources)
Rebecca Hyams (Library)
Christopher Lopez (Library)

Edward Nevarez (Modern Languages)
Benjamin Powell (Speech)
Owen Roberts (Media Arts)
Lisa Rose (Social Sciences)


Create and implement college-wide LMS transition communication plan.


Eda Henao (Modern Languages) and Michael Hutmaker (Student Affairs)

Group Members >>

Gillian Bonanno (Speech)
Louis Chan (Public Affairs)
Gregory Farrell (Learning Resource Center)
Gail Fernandez (Academic Affairs)

Lynn McGee (Public Affairs)
Aimmy Tse (Student Affairs)
Cynthia Wiseman (ALL)

Faculty/Staff Training and Support

Identify faculty/staff training and support needs, develop overarching faculty/staff training and support plan, and review training materials. Develop recommendations and best practices related to teaching on Brightspace.


Julie Cassidy (English), Jennifer Lauren (Digital Education), and Eliza Osae-Kwapong (Digital Education)

Group Members >>

Rigoberto Andino (Race and Ethnic Studies)
Quentin Angus (Music and Art)
Elizabeth Arestyl (Library)
Carol Bilsky-Bieniek (Mathematics)
Margaret Carson (Modern Languages)
Keridiana Chez (English)
Rebecca Collier (Speech)

Roger Foster (Social Sciences)
Claire Galland (Modern Languages)
La-Dana Jenkins (Accounting)
Marci Littlefield (Social Sciences)
Ivan Retamoso (Mathematics)
Anastassios Rigopoulos (Media Arts)

Student Training and Support

Identify student training and support needs, develop overarching plan for student training and support, and review student support materials.


Leticia Dinkins (Learning Resource Center) and Shahreen Laskar (Student Affairs)

Group Members >>

Ray Bartholomew (ASAP)
Kathryn Bockino (English)
Justin Cabrillos (English)
Milagros Cintron (Digital Education)
Daphne Gilles (Office of Accessibility)
Howard Harris (Learning Resource Center)
Andrew Jordan (CUNY Start)

Jennifer Longley (Teacher Education)
Lidiane Miller (IRT)
Olga Milman (Project Impact)
Anthony Mitchell (IRT)
Fatima Prioleau (Mathematics)
Emerson Sanchez (Public Safety)
Rosa Santos (Digital Education)