Spring 2022 Meetings & Seminars

February 23  –  Introduction to Monetary Policy

Presented by the NY Fed Economic Education

March 2  –  What’s Bitcoin really worth?

Presenter: Corey Moss (Deloitte)


March 23  –  The FinTech industry: services, participants and commercial banks

Panelists: Mehak Jain, Alex Johnson, Alex Zakauskas


March  30  –   Domini Social Impact fund and ESG investments

Presenter: Carole Laible, CEO, Domini Social Impact Fund


April 6  –  Introducing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): Issues and considerations

Panelists:  NYFederal Reserve Bank Economists Antoijne Martin and Michael J. Lee


April 13  –  NFTs and Blockchain

Presenter: Alex Zakauskas


April 26  –  Recent economic developments and their impact on the financial industry

Panelists:   Andrew Bernstein, (Morgan Stanley), Chelseay Boulos ( BMO Capital Markets)  , Bernard Kelly (Fidelity), Glen McDonald  (Morgan Stanley), Nader Souri (Bank of NY/Mellon)

May 3  –   Alumni Panel Discussion “Study & Career Paths”

Panelists: Zoey Tang, Sulay  Restrepo, Lisa Sandberg,  Charles Reid

Short bios of presenters are available upon request to Dr. Yanni Tournas at itournas@bmcc.cuny.edupril.

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