Jose F. Huete Montoya

My name is Jose Francisco Huete. I came from Honduras to the United States in January 2017 to pursue an associate degree in science for health professions. I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field but I didn’t know at the moment what my calling as a professional would be. Once I took my first anatomy and physiology classes at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), I fell in love with biology and medicine. I then realized, thanks to my professors and classmates, that I wanted to become a nurse.

I transferred after two years to Hunter College and fought really hard to enter the Nursing Program at Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing. This upcoming semester, Fall 2021, will be my first semester as a senior nursing student and I am planning to graduate in Spring 2022.

Besides my passion for biology, I love to watch movies and play video games. When I am not doing my homework, I like to go out for walks or play poker with my friends.