I think it is definitely possible to classify the sales of the Jones family as personal sales, since they directly influenced the buyers of certain brands, for example, you can cite Steve, as a marketer, influenced the target audience and recommended them to buy clubs like his because, according to him, without such a club, he would not have been able to hit the ball so well and people have an opinion that they should also buy such a thing, because without it such blows will not work. What did Steve do ? he chose the target audience, demonstrated the product and recommended it for purchase, which can be called a personal sale.

From the similarities between the tactics of major brands and the Jones family, one can distinguish how they show how well things look on someone at the moment when Steve’s boss ran past a crowd of girls, she showed how well the clothes of this brand fit on her, thereby stimulating others to buy the same thing in the advertisements of large companies do the same as in sports, Nike sponsors bigger teams to wear their clothes and show how well they fit. Also, from examples, we can cite a game that was sold by the son of the Jones family, he showed in every possible way how it can be interesting to play this or that game, thereby stimulating other teenagers to buy the same thing. The same is done by large companies and shows people that it is very interesting for others to play it.

Based on what I saw in the film, I can say that the method is really working but not at all ethical and I don’t think that any of the large companies will do anything so radical because everyone understands that this is a film, but in real life there are people who may be envious and they will stop paying bills and so on, just to keep up for a neighbor and show that he lives no worse, but he obviously lost because the amount of his money is limited compared to who he is competing with. This method cannot be called ethical.

If I had made friends with someone like the Jones family, I would have known what he was doing because for me the concept of a friend is very clear, it’s someone you can trust with everything and if I had known someone for only 2 months like in the movie, I could have called him  a close acquaintance  most and if then I found out that he was doing this would not have affected me in any way, but if we had known each other for many years and I found out that all this time he just sold me the goods, I would pay attention to how much he managed to sell and if the amount was not large within 1000 or 1500, then I would be so much Of course I wouldn ‘t sweat it I asked him if his friendship for me was sincere if he had said yes, then I would have continued to communicate with him knowing that he works in such companies.

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