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  1. Allison

    Allison Molina
    Assignment H

    Would you categorize the way the Jones family lives as personal selling? Why or why not?
    I would definitely categorize the Jones family as personal selling for the many reasons they gave in the movie. They tend to reel people in to spark interest in their lifestyle. End goal is to have people want to have a similar lifestyle to them, so they can spend their money on what the Jones have to offer.
    What similarities do you see between the sales tactics the Jones family employs and the marketing tactics of some of your favorite brands? Give an example.
    I used to work at Pacsun , and when one provides a warm, joyfull, and happy experience, the chances of the customer leaving the store with a purchase is higher. That is a similar tactic of manipulation used by the Jones Family, the intention was to sell something, not really care beyond that end goal. Even Myself when I start to see my favorite brands have diversity in their marketing, I am more prone to support them and purchase.
    Based on what you read in the course materials and what you observed in this movie, do you think the way products are marketed in this movie is ethical?
    I do not think that the tactics that were used by the Jones Family were ethical whatsoever. They lack honesty and that alone is not ethical. They have other intentions present at the moment of making friends, which is manipulation. These are all characteristics that do not fit ethical behavior.
    How would you feel if you were friends with someone in the Jones family before you found out their secret? What about afterward?
    Before the Jones Family secret was exposed I would most likely have fallen right into their trap, they were very good at manipulating, which is super scary to think of after watching this movie. Once I would have found out their true colors, I would feel a lot of disappointment towards everyone in that family, and I feel like I would hold back from making friends. I would question a lot.

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