March 28 – April 4

Grammar practice: you voted to continue! 1 hour on Grammar Practice Part 3 Units 11, 12 & Part 3/Present Perfect + Simple Past + review + post your writing in Asynchronous Assignments/ Grammar by commenting on my post.

Unit 13 Writing Practice B

Your aunt has just started learning English. Unfortunately, she’s finding it very difficult to learn the language and is considering stopping. Write an email to your aunt. In your email:

• discuss the advantages of knowing English
• talk about the things your aunt will be able to do when she learns English
• talk about the difficulties you have experienced when learning English

Use different forms of can and be able to in your email.

Unit 14: Writing Practice

Write a short conversation for each situation. Use cancouldmay, and do you mind if I. Do not use the same polite answer more than once. Click on the light bulb icon to review the Grammar Chart, Grammar Notes, and Common Mistakes Chart.

Situation 1: You’re in a restaurant. You’ve just finished your meal and would like to ask the waitress for a check. The waitress comes to your table as soon as she notices that you need her assistance.

Situation 2: You’re at your bank’s drive-up window. You want to deposit some money, but don’t have a deposit ticket. The teller greets you and asks what she can do for you.

Situation 3: You’re shopping for a new shirt. You see one you really like, but can’t find your size. The store associate approaches you.

Situation 4: You’re in your doctor’s waiting room. There is a sign on the wall that says that all cell phones need to be turned off, but you really need to call someone. You decide to ask the receptionist if it’s okay to make a quick phone call.

Unit 15 Writing Practice B

Write two text messages for each of the four situations. Your first message is a polite request. Your second message is a polite response to the request. Use could youwould you (mind)can you, and will you. Click on the light bulb icon to review the Grammar Chart, Grammar Notes, and Common Mistakes Chart.

Situation 1: You’re a student. You’ve missed school today because you are sick. Ask your classmate if you can borrow her notes. Your classmate agrees.

Situation 2: Your car has a flat tire, but you can’t miss work today. Ask your dad to drive you to work. Your dad’s car is at the repair shop.

Situation 3: Your roommate is at the grocery store. You’ve just run out of milk. Ask him to get you some milk. Your roommate agrees.

Situation 4: You’re going to a party tomorrow night, but have nothing to wear. Ask your sister to lend you her dress. Your sister agrees.

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