Week 3 Online: 3/30 - 4/5: H.W 5 Due 4/7: Socialization and Personal Development

1.Groups are important and play a huge part because they are what forms the society in general and these groups work together in accomplishing a set of goals.The types of groups in a society is Primary,Secondary, In Group, Formal Group, Informal Group, and Voluntary Groups.

3.I prefer to eat out at a local restaurant and base my answers on what i know is good to eat or most likely something i know thats going to fill up my stomach and satisfy me. No the sections do not change how i think about these choices because i know what i like and nothing cant change what i like.

4. I had a social group with family and within us we had to come up with who’s doing what for the chores in the house and the dates.The purpose of making this group was to help make meaning to the household  and to keep things organized around and keep everyone on track to what they needed to do.