Reflections 2: Culture and Society Due 3/24

Reflection 2

What are some of your culture shock experiences in cultural variation as part of a dominant culture or subculture?

One example of a culture shock I’ve experienced deals with the Jewish community in my neighborhood. As a kid I grew up in the Bronx, in a predominantly catholic neighborhood. I’m almost certain I don’t remember any other religious groups in my neighborhood. As I grew older i moved to upper manhattan. Here is when I began living in a community that was of mixed religions. At first i was confused to there practices especially when it came to the sabbath. This is a holy day in which there are various activities in which they abstain from. Cooking, writing, knitting, turning on a light, these are just a few things in which an orthodox jew does not do on the day of sabbath and at first it just seemed odd to me. I later realized it was a part of there religion and I felt bad for judging them.

What are some norms present in the society that you find it very hard to get accustomed to or one which you are expected to play a role in but wish could change? Why or why not?

One norm in society that i wish could change is the view of mental health and men in society. I remember growing up i was raised to believe that as a boy it was wrong to express  my feelings. That I’m supposed to “suck it up” or “be a man” when it came to pain , both physically and emotionally. While i can say that the stigma is gradually changing I would love it totally abolished.