ANI260 | Fleck Sketches & Character Info

Introducing: Fleck Hoppsprite.

Fleck’s comes from the planet, Runvereth.

On first scan, this frost-coated planet in a cold star system looks entirely uninhabited. Though, upon touching down, you’d find that the natives live through tunnels beneath the thick sheets of snow that cover the planet’s surface.

The major natives of the planet, the Yebbits, are a race of humanoid hare-rabbit like people that stand at an average height of six feet tall. They value mechanics and industrial development above all else and, through a long history of fossil fuels, have adapted to steam and water power through melted snow.

As for Fleck himself, he lived a fairly modest life in his grandfather’s junkyard. He’d often explore the frost above during the ‘warmer’ seasons for scrap metal and spare parts from ships that have crashed from the planet’s blizzards. On one particular expedition, he found an entire ship with a living crew and welcomed them into his home.

From there, he asked to go with them on their journey, wanting to see more than just snow and stone. The crew agreed, and Fleck joined the crew as their lead mechanic.

Flipbook Animation No. 2

When I got to work on my flipbook, I struggled to find inspiration that wasn’t just the same spider I did the first time I did it. I ended up doing something spiderlike.

A few nights before I sat down to work, I ran a tabletop game with my friends. The game took place in the fictional town of Grimmstone, Illinois. Essentially, the party was playing as a version of Red Riding Hood characters, while the rest of the small hick town was filled with fairy tale creatures and characters. It sounds a lot like NBC’s Once Upon a Time.

One of my favorite characters that stuck when I was playing was my version of Rumpelstiltskin. Everyone loved him; he was a goofy wannabe villain with incredible powers.

Just my few design ideas for the Rumpelstiltskin design.

I got to work planning the frame by frames from Rumple’s design. However, I miscounted the pages I was given for the flipbook and used fewer boxes than I intended.

The final product was a bit of a nightmare, it would’ve been easier if I did it digitally and had Onion Skins. Though, all things considered, I think I did pretty well.

Wes Craven

Hey everyone! I introduce you all to Wes Craven, some pumpkin headed dude that’s probably not entirely human. Since it’s October, I thought it’d be sick to get into the vibe of making a tall dude with a pumpkin for a head. While not entirely original of a concept, I thought it’d be neat.

I think he’s more of an antagonistic force, stealing the candy of little kids and scaring the older ones that are all “I’m too old for Halloween!”. He’s more of a nuisance than he is a big end-world Lovecraftian Horror and only shows up for the Fall Season. The second a drop of snow hits the ground he ceases to exist until the next Fall.