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Humans have yet to mature into the life they live. It is something familiar in a way. The social progress in our modern times is shocking to many for no reason. That is why, we should talk about the changes and bring out personal stories because every single person matters. Feminism is a process, not a recipe. What we call feminism can also be a fundamental human right-gender equality. Is that really too much to ask in 2023?
It is shocking to me that we need to ask for the right to education, to decide about our bodies, to be able to open a bank account or to report rape by a husband( 1972). That is my life frame.
Nevertheless, we know other countries where women, children, or non-binary people have extremely few rights.
Well, the recent story of Masha Amini proves that feminism can win! Fighting for women's rights( equality rights for all humans) is worth the fight.
Hillary Bell uses the words of her experience and represents the woman she is, the woman she met, and saw how oppressed they are. She talks about ending sexism and opens a dialog with millions of humans. Bells names the problem; therefore, she changes the point of view and what is right. She brings justice in her words.
I do not like that we have to explain that we have nothing against men". It is like seeing a crime and starts pointing out the felony by apologizing for looking at it. But if that brings understanding and clarity to people, that is great. It's needed. Bells give us a tool: Feminism. We can understand more of who we are. We can express our stores and analyze them. It's how we are supposed to build ethics and morality?! Not based on religion, but on tolerance!
My heart was broken when I read that white women got some rights, so black people would not! I stopped there for a second. I felt that sharp injustice that cuts the throat! In those moments, my sadness has no end.

The " Sex and Gender" article was helpful and clear! I will read it several times to make sure I say the right things with clarity. It is so simple and makes scientific sense when it is well organized.

I feel like making an art project from it- explaining all the gender names and pronouncing them on board for kindergartens. When you go to elementary school or Pre-K class, and you see a template of letters B- for a boy, it could be a letter B- for non-binary! And more 🙂
I think it is popular right now to organize gender equality trainings in jobs. I know the employees are taught what to say, or not say, to a woman or non-binary people and how to work in a respectful environment. I do not think this is out of respect to human rights, but maybe. Big companies are afraid of lawsuits. But that is a part of the process for a better change anyway.

Kat Gawin – Bell Hooks

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