Final Paper

Submit your paper here. Once you receive my feedback, you may re-submit it as a final paper.

DUE DATE: May 16th, 11:59 pm

WORD COUNT: 2000‐2500 words

Include the word count at the top of your first page


  • At a minimum of 7 references in total
  • 5 peer-reviewed academic publications or more other works such as newspaper articles, government reports, census data reporting
  • APA reference format
  • Reference page


The audience for your paper: To help you write this paper, imagine that you are sharing this information with a new transplant or tourist to NYC who seeks to learn more about the criminal justice issues facing each borough and the local neighborhoods. What would type of info would you share with this person?

Your final paper should cover the following points:

  • Make certain that your paper has a  title!
  • Introduction/background info 
  • A general overview of the problem and background info on the issue and your neighborhood. 
  • Literature review: Here, you should use the articles from your annotated bib. What have the experts found to be true regarding your research question/topic area?
  • Neighborhood description
  • Narrative description of the neighborhood
  • Statistical data about the extent of the problem
  • Conclusion/Recommendations: Do you have any recommendations on how to best address the problem or issue you presented in your research question?
  • Reference page 

Paper length: at least 2,000 words, double‐spaced

Font size 11‐12

Use page numbers

Tip: The paper should have headers and sub-headers to distinctly separate different sections of the paper. These headers help to guide the reader on the topics to be presented next. When creating headers, think about these questions:

  • What is this paragraph about?
  • What is the most important part about this paragraph?
  • What do I want the reader to take from this paragraph? 

For example, for your literature review section, you may want to create a title that relates to the peer‐reviewed articles you reviewed, such as:

Header: Gangs and gun violence

Subheader: Gun violence in Brooklyn

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