Erwin Aranda

I am passionate about coding, coming up with ideas for videos and trying to really understand what it takes to go through the whole process of creating a video game. I study at Borough of Manhattan Community College. With my Coding, Communication skills, my goal is to become a Game Developer.

I connect programming skills with organization skills to create some digital projects. During the summer I was a part of a company called Metabronx and there is a business that helps out small businesses grow and make sure they get to where they want to be. During that time, I developed communication and time management skills to ensure high-quality work. I am currently completing my associates degree in Animation and Motion Graphics in hopes to find a work in that field that will help me progress in my goal to become a game designer or game programmer.

Languages: English, Spanish
Technical Skills: Google Doc, DaVinci Resolve,
Soft Skills; Good Communication, Teamwork

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